Capital: Pékin

Local currency (+ ISO code): Yuan (RMB)

Area: 9 597 000 km²

Population: 1 348 million inhabitants

Time zone (GMT): UTC/GMT +8:00 h

Société Générale

In 1981, Société Générale, became one of the first international banks to enter China by opening a representative office in Beijing.
In 2008, Société Générale was incorporated locally as Société Générale China Limited.
Capitalizing on the local incorporation status and banking licenses, Société Générale China Limited has developed the Universal Banking Model locally with comprehensive services for corporates and individuals. With more than 600 employees, a wide range of services are delivered:
- Retail banking
- Corporate and investment banking
- Private banking
- Equipment Finance
- Leasing
- Insurance
- Fund Management.
- Global Transaction Banking (Cash clearing services, Factoring, Trade services, Cash management services)

Cash Management

Access to the clearing systems

Accounts & Payments
Resident and non resident accounts in major convertible currencies
Payments: Domestic RMB (HVPS/ BEPS) Payment, RMB Cross-border Payment, Foreign Currency (“FCY”) Domestic & Overseas Payment, FX settlement Standing Instruction, Direct Debit, Book Transfer

Cash Collection
Collections: RMB Inward Remittance, FCY Inward Remittance, Alliance Bank Solution: Cash/POS Collection Service, Virtual Account Service, Bank Acceptance Draft / Commercial Acceptance Draft Collection and Inquiry
Reporting :  Electronic or paper, domestic and international account statements (intraday also available)
Payment status reports (transfers and direct debits), MT940/MT950 sending

Electronic Banking System

Cash Pooling Solutions
Physical cash pooling with various structures:
> ZBA (Zero Balance Account)
> TBA (Target Balance Account)
> Tax Efficiency
> Cost saving for ZBA/TBA
> Cost saving for Tax Efficiency
> SFTZ Cross border RMB Cash Pooling
> Domestic entrustment loan
> Cross-border intercompany loan
> Overdraft

Local website

Our Local Internet Banking Solution

Avril 2016

Société Générale China Limited

Taikang International Tower 18th Floor,
2, Wudinghou Street Xicheng District,
BEIJING 100140

Phone: (8610) 5851 3888 (8610) 8519 2810