Reunion Island & Mayotte

America & Overseas

Capital: Saint-Denis for Reunion Island / Mamoudzou for Mayotte

Local currency (+ ISO code): Euro (EUR)

Economic and monetary zone: European Union and SEPA Zone

Area: 2 512 km² for Reunion Island / 376 km² for Mayotte

Population: 0.8 million inhabitants for Reunion Island / 0.2 million inhabitants for Mayotte

Time zone (GMT): UTC/GMT +4:00 h for Reunion Island & UTC/GMT +3:00 h for Mayotte

Société Générale

Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien (BFCOI) is a major economic player on the islands of Reunion and Mayotte since 1976. With a staff of 400, BFCOI offers specific products adapted to the needs clients:
- Retail banking
- Global Transaction Banking (Cash clearing services, Trade services, Cash management services)

Cash Management

Access to the clearing systems
Direct access

Accounts & Payments
Residents and non residents accounts in major convertible currencies
Payments and collections : cards, SEPA and international transfers, SEPA direct debits, requests for transfer, checks, bills of exchange, documentary credits
Reporting : electronic or paper, domestic and international account statements statements, payment status reports (transfers and direct debits)

Cash Collection

Electronic Banking System
Local and International Internet banking solutions
International Host to Host solutions

Cash pooling Solutions
Domestic and international physical cash pooling

Local website

August 2014

EMEA Finance: Best cash management services in EMEA, 2014
EMEA Finance: Best cash management services in Europe, 2014

Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien

58, rue Alexis de Villeneuve
BP 323
97466 SAINT DENIS Cedex
Reunion island

Phone: (0262) 40 55 55