Eastern Europe

Capital: Moscow

Local currency (+ ISO code): Ruble (RUB)

Area: 17 125 200 km²

Population: 143.5 million inhabitants

Time zone (GMT): UTC/GMT +3:00 h

Société Générale

Société Générale is present in Russia since 1872. Rosbank, with 13 000 staff, is a modern universal bank providing all types of services to individual and corporate customers:
- Retail banking
- Corporate and investment banking
- Private banking
- Securities services
- Insurance
- Leasing
- Global Transaction Banking (Cash clearing services, Factoring, Trade services, Cash management services).

Cash Management

Access to the clearing systems
Central Bank of Russia / BESP

Accounts & Payments
Residents and non residents accounts in major convertible currencies
Payments and collections : cards, domestic and international transfers, requests for transfer, bills of exchange, commercial drafts
Reporting :  electronic or paper, domestic and international account statements (intraday also available)

Cash Collection

Electronic Banking System
Local internet banking solutions
International Host to Host solutions

Cash pooling  Solutions
Domestic physical cash pooling

Local website

Our Local Internet Banking Solution

December 2016

EMEA Finance : Meilleurs services de cash management EMEA, 2014, 2015, 2016
EMEA Finance : Meilleurs services de cash management en Europe, 2014


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